Sports Touristic Recreation Center in Taraxhë

It is a unique center, with multifunctional character and with nationally impact.

Within the center will be the comprehensive complex, with sports and recreation, spa, hotel for rest and residential.

Sports and Recreational contents-within this group include: Olympic swimming pools, palestra, outdoor sports terrains (football, basketball, volleyball and tennis), park with high greenery, mountain walking and cycling paths through mountainous terrain.

All these contents have autonomous function, in service to external customers, but also have the main functions to Recreation Center. This Center aims to be the most important location for sports preparations in region (football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, etc.).

Mountain-Hotel-SPA-will be in function of development of mountain tourism and in function of the sports preparations.

These functions are with great importance for this zone, which is known as a point for her natural chastity and huge potential for development of mountain tourism.

This hotel will promote this branch of tourism and will be the collection point of all Qyqavica mountain tourism.

In addition, SPA center will be the only one in this region and as such, aims to be the gravitation and accommodation center of various sportsmen and the passionate in nature.

Residence-will be a neighborhood with mountain villas. This neighborhood is in service of visitors who want to spend the vacation or for the short visits. They will be in the midst of nature and incorporate in terrain. It is removed enough from the other contents to provide a serenity and privacy in idyllic natural environment.

As a conclusion, the Recreation Center is a sustainable project, with positive impact in terms of economic, social and environmental.


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